Company: BioSpring
Address: Elcom building, 15 Duy Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Tel: 04 38 359 359


Established in 2012 with chartered capital of US$11,5 million, BioSpring Corp. is the first and only company in Vietnam who successfully researches and produces the next generation heat resistant spore on an industrial scale.
BioSpring initiated with the exclusive biotechnology license from Sporegen Institute (Royal Holloway, University of London) under the full support of Dr. Simon Cutting (Ph.D. Oxford, Harvard researcher), with a view to producing the ultimate technology of probiotics for pigs, chickens, fish, and shrimps breeding and production.


To make a clean breeding revolution in Vietnam by applying the next generation heat resistant spore Bacillus widely, nationally.


There’s an emerging world trend of using natural-based products for a better life, especially the preference of applying probiotic in breeding and culturing process. The main motivation for the strategic company's constitution was to overcome the traditional farming and breeding of Vietnam and making it closer to world trends. BioSpring is missioned to multiply the effect of breeding & culturing method with probiotics, to the hand of every farmer, help them to have a better job, a better life and together building a better world.


  • To build up a competent production, distribution and technology support system for the new generation probiotics-based products for the breeding sector in Vietnam.
  • To increase the working efficiency and quality for low-income farmers by applying next-generation probiotics in breeding field.
  • To make a revolution by making a fresher, safer, more efficient breeding and food production with only fresh and organic materials.
  • To bring happiness for low-income farmers and clean agriculture products consumers in Vietnam as well as to ensure Vietnam’s agricultural competitive advantages in the international market.


Core business

Manufacture and distribute probiotics (heat resistant spore Bacillus) as food additives for pigs, shrimps, fish, and chickens using licensed technology.

Core values

  • Founded and managed by high profile scientists and specialists in biotechnology, animal healthcare, veterinary, … and experienced executive staff.
  • Granted exclusive biotechnology license from a world-class research program
  • Strong investment on high technology equipment with a system of GMP-WHO laboratories.


Huynh Minh Viet | CEO BioSpring

Huynh Minh Viet has diverse and intensive experiences of senior management in international and Vietnam organizations: Investment Director of Ecopark Township Development, Deputy General Director of TAEL. Prior to these periods, Viet had been spending his tenure with several world’s leading financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers as a senior financial analyst.

Viet holds an MBA’s degree from Harvard, a M.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.A of Economics from Stanford University. He’s also ranked in Top Harvard’s 50 Excellent Students and granted full ASEAN Scholarship at Anglo-Chinese School.

Simon Cutting (Mr.) | Biotechnology Expert

Dr. Simon Cutting is the selector and definer of Bacillus Subtilis, who has granted exclusive usage license of the patent to BioSpring. He is Head of Biomedical Sciences at Royal Holloway, University of London at the School of Biological Sciences. He spent 7 years in the renowned laboratory of Professor Richard Losick at Harvard University Biological Laboratories (USA). He also developed his own research program investigating the control of gene expression during spore formation in the Gram-positive bacterium at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine since 1992.

Dr. Cutting earned his Ph.D. at Oxford University in microbial genetics before being awarded a post-doctoral fellowship to carry out research at Harvard.