Foreign Trade

Company: NDH Overseas
Address: Newport Beach, CA 92660
Tel: +1 (202) 579-2861


Headquartered in the USA, NDH Overseas was established initially based on the need for efficient foreign trading of Vietnam’s products. It’s structured as an International Trade Promotion Center to perform as the main trading bridge for Vietnamese agricultural and food products in the first phase into North American market and vice versa.


Considering the gaps between Vietnam’s supply potential and global increasing demand, NDH Overseas is missioned to be the bridge connecting Vietnamese entrepreneurs and products to foreign markets, particularly the United States, Northern America and other developed regions.


Our commitment in the long term is to make NDH Overseas the leading trade promotion hub, in order to foster Vietnam’s international trade and prepare the background for a global-qualified Vietnam agribusiness to penetrate into rapidly-changing international markets

Our focused functions are as below, to name a few:
  • Increase the competitiveness of Viet entrepreneurs, particularly smalland, medium-sized enterprises in the global market place
  • Develop and create added value for exported agriculture, aquaculture and food products
  • Promote and develop trade channels in foreign markets and establish a supportive and productive trade alliance
  • Do market research to recommend development direction for future qualified and favored products for foreign target markets
  • Support in terms of logistics and human resource development in international trade information exchanging in Vietnam