Investment Portfolio

  • Early operate in business sectors that energize the development of the economics: finance & securities (SSI)
  • Consolidate and uplift country advantages of Vietnam with a view to providing agro-products and branded packaged staple foods to the domestic and global markets: Agriculture and food (Pan Pacific…)
  • Sustainable development with the licensed innovations/ patents in Biotechnology for a bright future of clean breeding and food production
  • Foreign trade bridge: to integrate into the global supply chain by connecting supply and demand, investors and producers, manufacturers and suppliers, buyers and sellers… in Vietnam and all around the world,.
  • Add values to corporate brands and product brands by offering Strategic Branding & Communications consultancy (NDH Brand Consulting)
  • NDH Invest portfolio covers a broad spectrum of industries with a focus on financial services; agribusiness & food, biotechnology as well as strategic branding & communications consultancy.