Business Philosophy

“Efficiency – Transparency – People-Centered”

We are an investment company established on the first priority of efficiency. Our investment portfolio ranges from finance and securities to agribusiness and food and far beyond, bio-technology – the technology of the new era. All investment categories have seen significant growth and continued to accomplish new achievements, showing best our priority for efficiency in the whole system.

What has made us different is that our first priority is not only to serve a concrete business objective but also to carry out a mission of humane attributes. When it comes to selecting core investment fields, the philosophy ensures us to allocate our resources into what would really benefit our community and our world, such as clean breeding, sustainable agriculture and food processing, healthy investment environment...We are passionately committed to bringing meaningful contributions and real values for a better living standard

This commitment is reflected in a culture that values transparency, a passion for excellence and a nurturing atmosphere for people development and self-fulfillment. It also guides us to operate our businesses with prudence, financial discipline, a long-term perspective, and an insight that trust-based mechanism and vehicles is what we are to pursue every single day.

“Every human being on this earth is born with a mission. The greatest is the one whose mission lasts forever even without his physical existence, no matter what.”